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Multicolor flow cytometry-based monitoring of immune modulatory treatments

We believe detailed immune monitoring of innovative immune modulatory treatments makes the difference between success and failure. The immune system is complex and thereby comes the risk of setting up wrong hypotheses along with increased requirements from regulatory authorities. Mode of action analysis data is what makes you stand out from the ever-increasing list of competitors in both immune oncology and autoimmunity.

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Cellular immunity is our expertise – Flow cytometry is our instrument. That is basically our business. We provide expert consultancy, training and contract research within flow cytometry-based assessment of cellular immunity and Immuno Oncology. Immuno oncology, autoimmune diseases, neoepitope discovery and epitope mapping is our specialty. We focus on the need of the individual customer providing tailored solutions.
We offer services and support at all levels from early discovery to clinical trial settings.

Handling of cells or other biological material is not trivial. We offer expert training in collection, preservation, storage, and immune monitoring of biological samples by flow cytometry, ELISpot and fluorospot. In addition, we perform cell culturing, isolation, differentiation and maturation.

The challenge of T-cell epitope mapping can be approached from many angles. At Immumap, we apply-state-of-the-art wet lab protocols and flow cytometry in combination with world-recognized in silico prediction servers. We enjoy offering our customers a tailored solution fitting their specific needs.

At Immumap we offer state-of-the-art flow cytometry-based assays for investigating cellular immunity and monitoring the effect of immunotherapy. In collaboration with you, we will design the experiments in such a way that you get clear, usable data and answers to the immunological questions relevant to you.

Behind every immunomodulatory treatment is a hypothesis on the mechanistic mode-of-action laying the basis for clinical benefit. ImmuMap offers a broad spectrum of cellular immunity assays to help you getting mode-of-action cellular immunity knowledge needed for making the right decisions.

We provide multi-parameter profiling of each cell present in each sample using cell culturing and advanced multicolour flow cytometric solutions. Read more to get insight into the advantages of flow cytometry compared to other cellular immunological methods.

Flow cytometry for monitoring
of immune treatments

We can deliver monitoring and mode-of-action analyses using our multicolor flow cytometry assays. We tailor every study after carefully inspecting our customer’s needs. We enjoy equally setting up in vitro model systems using our in-house library of healthy donor material or investigating pre-clinical or clinical samples. Multicolor flow cytometry offers the possibility of a data-rich single-cell resolution characterization of treatment impact. This includes measuring in parallel multiple cell populations in regard to frequency, functionality and maturation/activation status along with also assessing minute frequencies of for instance antigen-specific T cells. Multicolor flow cytometry is very well suited for both immune monitoring and mode-of-action analyses.

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