We tailor every study after carefully inspecting our customer’s needs.
  • Immune monitoring using cell culturing and flow cytometry assays
  • Mode-of-action analyses and identification of new targets using innovative T cell epitope discovery platforms
  • Training in the above methods
  • Consultancy

Multicolor flow cytometry-based monitoring
of immune modulatory treatments

Detailed monitoring of the cellular effects by innovative immune modulatory treatments is crucial. This is due to several reasons, namely the high complexity of the immune system and associated risk of setting up the wrong hypotheses, the increased requirements from regulatory authorities for pushing new immune therapies forward and the need for choosing the right combination treatment in a future trial.

Flow cytometry for monitoring of immune treatments

We can deliver such monitoring and mode-of-action analyses using our multicolor flow cytometry assays. We tailor every study after carefully inspecting our customer’s needs. We enjoy equally setting up in vitro model systems using our in-house library of healthy donor material or investigating pre-clinical or clinical samples. Multicolor flow cytometry offers the possibility of a data-rich single-cell resolution characterization of treatment impact. This includes measuring in parallel multiple cell populations in regard to frequency, functionality and maturation/activation status along with also assessing minute frequencies of for instance antigen-specific T cells. Multicolor flow cytometry is thus very well suited for both immune monitoring and mode-of-action analyses.



Cellular immunity is our expertise – Flow cytometry is our instrument. That's basically our business.

We provide expert consultancy, training and contract research within flow cytometry based assessment of cellular immunity.

Immuno oncology, autoimmune diseases, neoepitope discovery and epitope mapping is our specialty.

We focus on the need of the individual customer providing tailored solutions.

We offer services and support at all levels from early discovery to clinical trial settings.

Contract epitope discovery

We offer identification and tracking of novel T cell epitopes by taking care of the whole workflow from identification of disease-relevant proteins, prediction of good binders, detection of specific T cell responses and finally confirmation of the processing of such epitopes in relevant target cells. As a T cell readout we take advantage of cutting-edge multicolor flow cytometry and ELISpot. Our specialty is the use of MHC multimers for direct tracking of specific T cells. We offer both common MHC multimer staining for tracking a few specificities in parallel and the dCODE staining platform for measuring up to 1031 difference specificities in parallel, depending on your need.

See our work and methods here:
T Cell epitope mapping
Common MHC multimer staining
Multiplex MHC multimer staining

Immune monitoring

Is your immune-modulating compound functioning according to your hypothesis? We can provide the answer. We have a strong focus on bespoke solutions and together with you our scientists identify the key data you need of and develop the assay best suited for generating these data.

We provide detailed immune monitoring using cell culturing, advanced multicolor flow cytometry and ELISpot. We obtain frequency and functionality of multiple subsets of both lymphocytes such as T cells, NK cells and B cells and antigen-presenting cell populations such as dendritic cells and monocytes


We understand the need for establishing routine analyses in your own laboratory and offer our help in that regard. We love providing training in project management and in internal laboratory and data analysis methods. We are flexible and focus on meeting your needs, whether you prefer theoretical lectures or hand-on experience in our or your own laboratory.


Whether you are in need of advice for setting up new immune analyses based on flow cytometry or general scientific sparring we can help you. We also perform protocol development and optimization, making it easy for you to take in-house afterwards as well as interviews with key opinion leaders, market investigations on new devices and other "behind-the-desk" projects.

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