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ImmuMap Services is dedicated to advancing the use and quality of flow cytometry based monitoring of cellular immunity.

We offer a flexible, cost-effective expert service for assesment and analysis of immune cells that are essential for determining immune recognition in health and disease.​

Our buisness is founded on four pillars.

  • Quality assured immune assesment by flow cytometry.
  • Expert guidance in collection, preservation and storage of biological samples for immune monitoring by flow cytometry.
  • High-throughput, multiplex MHC/peptide epitope mapping.
  • Training in immune assesment by flow cytometry.

We work to the highest standards, use quality validated reagents and take advantage of our proven expertise in immune analysis by flow cytometry in the fields of cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmunity.​

ImmuMap Services excel by applying state-of-the-art technologies for discovery of new MHC/peptide epitopes in the fields of immuno oncology, vaccine- and immunotherapy as well as autoimmune diseases.

We offer services at all levels from basic research and early discovery to clinical trial settings.

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