ImmuMap featured in Pharma Technology Focus

ImmuMap is featured in the November issue of the online magazine for the pharmaceutical industry, Pharma Technology Focus. We have sponsored a company insight on “Personalized Medicine: Improved Accuracy of Neoepitope Prediction by Real Life Testing of T Cell Receptor Recognition using Novel High Throughput Technology” highlighting our approach on how to advance the breadth of knowledge achievable per volume of patient sample.

Our focus is maximizing the number of T cell receptor (TCR) specificities that can be mapped in one patient sample and our high-throughput technology using DNA-barcoded dextramers (dCodeTM) offers parallel detection of more than 1000 TCR specificities in one sample. We suggest this novel technology as an invaluable tool for companies that seek to predict and use neoepitopes in immuno-oncology treatments.

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