ImmuMap is proud to have participated in T-cell Elispot Proficiency Panel 2019 with excellent results

The Elispot Proficiency Panel allows laboratories worldwide to test their proficiency in enumeration of antigen specific T cells using the T-cell Elispot assay. The Proficiency Panel is coordinated and conducted by Immudex in collaboration with CIC (the US Cancer Immuno­therapy Consortium of the Cancer Research Institute) and CIMT (the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy).

Making accurate, reproducible and state-of-the-art T cell immune monitoring analysis is becoming increasingly important in immunotherapeutic research and development. Proficiency panels is used to evaluate assay performance in any laboratory with a desire to perform reliable immune monitoring and accurate enumeration of antigen-specific T cells. 43 laboratories from 13 countries have participated in the Elispot proficiency panel 2019 and only 65% of the participants’ obtained aligned results.

ImmuMap has chosen to participate in the T-cell Elispot Proficiency Panel 2019 in order to validate our lab’s performance of T-cell Elipsot assays. We have confirmed that our lab is capable of accurate, reproducible and state-of-the-art T cell immune analysis.

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