Our Team

Thomas Mørch Frøsig – CEO

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ImmuMap Services, Thomas Mørch Frøsig, is PhD in tumor immunology and has years of experience with advanced T cell detection techniques. Thomas’ work in this field has resulted in high-impact scientific publications on mapping T cell reactivity to cancer through the use of multicolor flow cytometry and on developing new techniques for the generation of MHC multimer reagents.

Houman Pourhassan – COO & QA Manager

COO & QA Manager Houman Pourhassan, PhD, has a background in immuno-oncology and drug development. Houman’s area of expertise includes multicolor flow cytometry, animal cancer models, and mammalian microbiology. In addition to high-impact scientific publications in the field of immunomodulation and nanoparticle anticancer drugs, he is experienced in industry standard GMP and PRINCE2® project management.

Cecilie Grubb Jensen – Operations associate

Associate Cecilie is BSc Eng from the Danish Technical University and currently attending the MSc programme in Biotechnology engineering.
Cecilie has broad experience in both scientific, sales and administrative areas.

Sine Reker Hadrup – Scientific advisor

Founder Sine Reker Hadrup, PhD, is internationally recognized for her work on standardizing the use of MHC multimers and has built a successful research career on using flow cytometry for characterizing specific T cell populations. Sine Reker Hadrup is the inventor of a groundbreaking high-throughput technology for next-generation multiplex detection of antigen-specific T cells using DNA-barcode labeled MHC multimers. Sine has published >50 peer-review articles in the field of T cell detection and immune recognition of cancer.

Søren Nyboe Jakobsen – Business advisor

Founder and business advisor, Søren Nyboe Jakobsen, previously worked for Immudex with responsibilities in areas of technology innovation, technology development, IP securing, new products development, business development, marketing, online marketing and branding. He has major experience with the production and use of MHC Dextramers. Søren is the inventor/co-inventor of several issued patents on molecular-display techniques, molecular selection and high-throughput screening techniques including high-throughput epitope discovery techniques.

Jørgen Schøller – Business advisor

Founder Jørgen Schøller, is co-inventor of MHC Dextramers. On this basis Jørgen co-founded Immudex, the company producing MHC Dextramers, and served as Chief Scientific Officer until 2012. He initiated the spin-out process of Immudex from the diagnostics company DAKO. At Immudex Jørgen was deeply involved in marketing and sales as well as in the development of new products. Jørgen Schøller is also co-founder of the company FIDA-Tech developing a new assay technology using flow-induced dispersion analysis.

Philip Vesterdal Hansen - Research Scientist

Research Scientist Philip V. Hansen, has a background as MSc of biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen, with specialization in cell physiology, genetic editing and process optimization. He has been involved with life science business and has worked with investment strategies, business evaluation and project management.

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