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ImmuMap’s team consists of Ph.D.- and MSc-level scientists that assist our clients with developing customized assays using multi-color flow cytometry for complex immune monitoring studies.
The primary aim of these immune monitoring studies is to investigate the efficacy and mode-of-action of novel therapeutics in discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development phases. We deliver the data needed for your pivotal decision-making that you cannot afford to do without.

Our cust­­­­­­omized assays are tailored exactly to our clients’ needs and include the identification of functional and phenotypic markers (immunophenotyping) associated with therapeutic efficacy, activation, maturation, cytotoxic killing amongst others. We use our MHC multimer staining service for exact detection of antigen-specific cells with a high sensitivity and specificity. This specific enumeration of the T cells of a given specificity is often combined with our immunophenotyping assays for elucidating the maturation phenotype of those.
Our services can be used in all therapeutic areas and have already been applied in immune oncology, autoimmunity and overall safety assesment.

ImmuMap provides statistical data analysis included in all of our projects for delivering data-driven results to our clients.

We strive for best-in-class solutions for our customers by extending their need for specialty competencies within assay development for immune monitoring.
We want to be an extension of your core facility by providing personal expert consulting and services for immune monitoring to provide you with valuable data. So, you get the flexibility and agility you would expect from an in-house facility without needing to worry about any long-term employments and costs of expensive laboratory equipment.

We believe in data-driven decision-making and our business model is founded on our scientific expertise and know-how, with which we support our clients through all phases of drug development. As our clients’ treatments and development projects varies greatly, we have a strong focus on developing customer-tailored

assays. We always co-develop these with you to ensure high-quality data that answers your hypotheses, help you understand cause-and-effect relationships and guide your high-impact decisions.

We have a dynamic and agile research team that can make swift decisions to quickly adapt to accommodate any change in a project based on your needs. We prioritize to stay in frequent contact with our clients before, while in the making and after a study and we aim to establish longer-term collaborative relationships.

When needed we provide preliminary reports based on interim studies to ensure that the analytical strategies meet the client’s objectives for the study. The final product is detailed report with statistical analyses and interpretation of results alongside a complete data package. For your ease we have attached our project management figure as a downloadable slide

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For your ease we have attached our project management figure as a downloadable slide

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